Solar Power Generating System

Our main objective in the EPC projects is render high and premium quality service with our customised Solar Solutions . our team has gained expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, integration and installation with adapting to the outside world. Microsun provides with operational and technical support at every level , hence making it customer friendly.

Grid-Tied System : PV Grid-Tie system converts sunlight into electric current. Solar panels absorb photons of light from sun, producing DC electricity. Another system component, the grid tie inverter, converts this DC current into AC current which can that either be used by electric “Loads” in the home or it can be directed into the main power grid for a credit towards your monthly electricity utility usage.

It generates power and helps in removing the day time dependency on grid, diesel or any other convectional source of energy, also reduces monthly electricity bills. Advantages of KW Rooftop Projects :

Self Dependent: reduces the dependency on grid and utilising the power which is generated by KW projects.

Generating Clean Energy.

Pay back on your Investment with few year, and there after constant profits.